Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder top view of Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder front view of Farmweld round bottom sow feeder farrowing crate headgate with Sow Feeder Tip Out sow eating from LaborSaver Feeder
Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder

Farmweld LaborSaver™ Sow Feeder. – less labor, high performance

Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder lets sows eat as much as they want, when they want, with minimal feed waste. University testing proves the LaborSaver results in high feed intakes and heavy weaning weights. Plus, the new LaborSaver requires less labor and can be used with automated delivery systems.

With the Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder, the sow does much of the work of feeding herself.

“The Illinois research demonstrates that you can get excellent productivity using the new feeder. It looks like a great new concept.”

– Dr. Mike Tokach, Animal Science Professor, Kansas State University

Hand-feeding sows requires you to guess how much to feed or give a prescribed amount at each feeding overfeeding some sows and underfeeding others. Feeding too little can have negative effects on weaning weight and reproductive performance. Feeding too much means wasted feed and extra time spent cleaning out feeders. Bottomline, hand-feeding can be inaccurate and labor-intensive.

With the Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder, the sow gets what she wants and does much of the work herself. She simply moves the LaborSaver’s agitator with her nose to let a small amount of feed funnel into the trough. As she continues eating and moving the agitator, more feed is delivered. The agitator stops the flow of feed when the sow stops eating, so there’s no extra feed to get wasted or spoiled.

The Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder makes once per-day feeding feasible, which eases daily chores and makes weekend scheduling much simpler. The 40 pound hopper holds enough feed for several feedings, but feeders should be checked routinely for animals off feed. The LaborSaver can be used with an automated feed delivery system.

Estimated time savings for a 2,400-head sow unit with 360 crates:

3 hours x 7 days = 21 hours/week
21 hours x 52 weeks = 1,092 hours/year
1,092 hours x $12/hour = $13,104 In annual labor savings
Estimates provided by Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd.
Hand-Feeding (2x per day) SELF-FEEDING (LaborSaver)

Hand-Feeding (2x per day) SELF-FEEDING (LaborSaver)
4 hours/day
(feeding cleaning feeders)
1 hours/day
(checking feeders, adding feed)

Experts agree that lactating sows need maximum feed intakes for heavier weaned pigs, improved wean-to-estrus
intervals and even bigger litters.

A university trial conducted at a highly productive sow unit in Illinois proved that the new LaborSaver delivers high intakes and yields heavy weaning weights with once-per-day feeding.

“With the LaborSaver, you don’t have to guess how much or when to feed the sow so she’ll remain content and more productive.”

– Dr. James Lowe, Production Animal Consultation LLC, Mahomet, IL

Large, 16″ x 15.5″ (406 mm x394 mm) stainless steel trough provides enough headroom for sows to eat comfortably. High front lip means feed stays in feeder and doesn’t drop into the pit.

High quality construction, fully welded 100% #304 stainless steel. Feeders clean out easily, are highly durable and resist corrosion. Edges are hemmed to prevent injuries.

Feeder is mounted four inches off floor so air can move throughout the crate and give the sow plenty of room for resting and sleeping. This also provides small pigs an escape space.

Double stainless steel feed adjusters provide for excellent feed flow and easy fine-tuning for even feed distribution, adjustable to 1/32 of an inch.

Cleaning is simple. The LaborSaver features an easy release so feeder tips out for quick cleaning.

The LaborSaver complements the Farmweld A-Crate™ and Modular Cast Center Platform for superior sow comfort and pig performance.

“The LaborSaver is also adjustable so each feeder can be set specifically for each sow,” says Chet Mogler. “That prevents feed spoiling and spilling.”


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