Farmweld round water cup on gating

Farmweld Round Water Cup. – durable, conservative, cost effective

Farmweld Round Water Cups reduce water and medication waste and improve feed conversion. The fresh water reservoir naturally draws pigs to the cup. So pigs drink more, earlier. And the unique design, with recessed stainless-steel cup and downward positioning of the standard nipple valve, keeps water from being spilled down into the pit. Farmweld Round Water Cups are ideal for nurseries, conventional finishing and wean-to-finish barns.

Early-weaned pigs start faster because the round water cup fresh water reservoir attracts pigs. Even the smallest pigs have no trouble working the cup’s nipple.

Round Water CupsThe closed-cup design keeps water in the reservoir clean. The round water cup outperforms other watering devices in trial after trial in Europe for hygiene as well as water savings.

Enclosed nipple means fewer injuries and less trim loss compared to standard nipple brackets.

Cups feature the Edstrom™ nipple
(No screen or spring inside).

The recessed trough and downward positioning of the nipple keep pigs consuming water, not playing with it. Pigs disengage the flow of water as it reaches their nostrils. So there’s no wasting — just drinking. And expensive medication is consumed, not splashed down the pit.

Farmweld Round Water Cups can cut medication costs in half.

Durable stainless steel construction for long-lasting life.

Farmweld Round Water Cups require no height adjustment during the feeding period. That means less labor compared to maintaining nipple waterers.

“One of the true inventions in the hog business that has provided improved utility through simplicity”

– Dr. Rod Johnson, Morris, MN

Farmweld Round Water Cups

Farmweld Round Water Cups reduced water disappearance by 25% compared to the Ritchie WaterSwing® in a University of Nebraska trial. For a 1,000-head grow-finish unit, approximately 120,000 gallons would be saved annually. That’s estimated to be $414 in annual water cost savings and an additional $593 in reduced disposal costs.

Farmweld cut medication costs in half. During the Nebraska trial, there was an outbreak of sine influenza. Pigs on Farmweld cups wasted 50% less water during the trial compared to pigs treated using the WaterSwing. Expensive medication is consumed, not splashed down the pit.

Researchers also demonstrated that Farmweld cups impacted performance results. Overall, the feed:gain ratio for
pigs on the Farmweld cups was 2.493 compared to 2.548 for pigs on the WaterSwing. Both groups were fed with Farmweld Jumbo
Feeders and demonstrated statistically-equal average daily gains. For a 1,000-head finisher with similar feed savings, that’s $2,307 in annual feed cost saving with equal growth.

Product Description:

  • Wean-to-Finish Cup – Designed to handle pigs from 7 pounds to 280 pounds (3.18 to 127.3 kg). This cup can also be used for sows.
  • Includes a 47″ (1.9 m) stainless steel water pipe with 1/2″ (13 mm) female threads on both ends.
  • Includes an Edstrom wet feeder valve.
  • A stainless steel bracket to secure the water pipe to the gate is available.
  • Recommended for 20 – 30 pigs per cup.

“The Farmweld cup appears to be the preferred cup for many of our clients. They feel there is substantially less water waste compared to nipple waterers, and Farmweld cups are easy to maintain.” – Dr. Paul Yeske, Swine Vet Center, P.A., St. Peter, MN

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