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First We Feast’s “The Burger Show” is a new web series that explores everything about modern burger culture—from the rise of Instagram-bait stunt burgers, to the enduring influence of regional styles—through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan. Classic Double (left) and DH Burger at Amboy (Alvin Cailan). Perhaps you have been to Eggslut in the States, and if so, you'll understand the iconic features of this event! The Classic Double — $10 with fries — is Cailan’s homage to the prototypical California drive-in burger, made with two thin-but-not-too-thin smashed patties, American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles and tangy burger sauce on a sesame seed bun. A close-up look at how hard it is to keep a little family restaurant going in a pandemic. The Burger Show Season 6 is here! “We’re really trying to create a burger for the people, which means it needs to be affordable.”, Cailan spent the last three years traveling for “The Burger Show,” his First We Feast web series, sampling and cooking nearly every regional style America has to offer. In the series premiere of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan teams up with food-TV legend Adam Richman (Man v. Food, Secret Eats) to discuss a hot-button issue in the burger world: the rise of gourmet, expensive burgers. Alvin Cailan: “My absolute favorite burger is a 3x3. First We Feast is excited to announce The Burger Show, a brand new web series premiering Feb. 6th that explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan. We checked in with four decades-old restaurants to see how they’re surviving. Alvin Cailan has risen to become a high-profile chef in America’s Filipino food movement. When it comes to burgers, Chef Alvin definitely knows his stuff, so we figured that he’d be the perfect person to ask for tips on how to build an unforgettable burger at home. Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus’ spread indoors. Cailan (who also hosts The Burger Show) is teaming up with Aussie burger-finding app The Burger Collective for The Burger Expo, which will take over Moore Park's Entertainment Quarter on Sunday, August 11. ‘Escape’ at the end of the year with these celebratory holiday dishes. He gave us the following pieces of advice, which we’re happy to share with all the burger enthusiasts out there. While the customizable nature of the burger definitely contributes to its popularity, there’s something to be said for learning how to make a classic, straightforward, Platonic-ideal version of this flame-broiled wonder. First We Feast's "The Burger Show" is a web series premiering Feb. 6th that explores everything about modern burger culture—from the rise of tricked-out, gourmet burgers, to the pride of regional burgers—through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan. Alvin Cailan is back for another meat-cheese-bun adventure jam-packed with more burgers and more special guests. Those steaks, or at least their trimmings, are also key to Amboy’s marquee item: burgers. Pop-up restaurants and other takeout upstarts have become a tangible part of dining in pandemic-era Los Angeles. French Onion Burger AKA Drew Burgermore . (“It’s baller burger,” according to Cailan). That’s my go-to order.” And for all of Fluffy's hard work, Alvin is going to surprise him with a mind-blowing Texas beef-rib burger inspired by his hero, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The 22 best gifts for people who love to be outside. Vietnamese duck, Roman fish, Israeli salad and a Ktown bulgogi bowl allow us to ‘travel’ for the holidays. 10 … L.A.’s pop-up restaurants demonstrate the urgency and creativity of our times. He previously edited the food sections of Los Angeles magazine and L.A. Weekly and has co-authored several cookbooks. While Chef Alvin considers himself something of a burger purist, telling us that “my definition of hamburger is composed of a ground beef patty,” he does also “love, love, love vegetarian patties.” His favorite? COVID-19 restrictions are closing many L.A. restaurants. America is a land with a vast burger culture that ebbs and flows across the better part of a continent. As of Thursday, there were 3,850 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in L.A. County, including 856 in ICU beds — both records. Now, all you'll need is orange soda... 5 mins Prep Time. Now Serving launches L.A. restaurant cookbook series with Holbox, Porridge + Puffs and Hop Woo BBQ. Alvin Cailan of "The Burger Show" talks about trendy burger culture, his new burger pop-up, and what makes a perfect burger. The former Eggslut chef opened a new burger counter and butcher shop in Chinatown called Amboy Quality Meats & Delicious Burgers in late May. A few booths at the front of Amboy will offer indoor seating, but Cailan said he’s still figuring out how to configure the tiny space to comply with safety guidelines. “When we started Eggslut [in 2011], we spent like one week finding the food truck, then we were ready to roll. We first met Alvin at his now-legendary restaurant, Eggslut in Los Angeles, a foodie cult favorite specializing in affordable but sophisticated egg sandwiches. Feb 1, 2018. As our name implies, we offer a suite of expert guides on a wide range of topics, including fashion, food, drink, travel, and grooming. The burger patty basting in its own juices is where the magic happens,” says Chef Alvin. “Invest in a good cast-iron skillet and cook burgers on the stove. Marshawn Lynch is adding a burger from chef Alvin Cailan to his Emeryville restaurant, Rob Ben’s, for a limited time. After moving back to L.A. in January, Cailan and his girlfriend Angela Gomez planned to resurrect Amboy as a burger restaurant in March before the COVID-19 pandemic complicated matters. He is a Filipino-American chef, author and former host of First We Feast’s The Burger … Alvin Cailan – founder of LA-based restaurant chain Eggslut, host of the web series The Burger Show and one of the world’s foremost burger experts – will headline the event and create a new burger for the occasion. L.A. County coronavirus surges hit upscale suburbs as well as the inner city. It’s tasting menus or health food chains. Some folks swear by ketchup and mustard, some won’t eat a burger without relish, and others prefer their own “special sauce” blend. By Isaac Rouse / Feb 1, 2018. Alvin Cailan has returned to L.A. — this time, it seems, for good. 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Get ready for … Many amateur burger makers choose to season their meat before forming patties, assuming that the longer the salt and pepper sit on the beef, the more flavorful the end product will become. Burger toppings can inspire very strongly held opinions. Chef Alvin Cailan is known for Eggslut, the spot in Grand Central Market that serves egg sandwiches, egg sides, and even a coddled egg on a bed of mashed potatoes.Cailan went on to create more restaurants: Ramen Champ and Amboy (both in Chinatown). 117, (213) 935-8188, amboyqualitymeatsanddeliciousburgers.com. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. I used to think it didn’t matter, [but] now I’m sold on the bespoke beef blends,” Chef Alvin told The Manual. The 12-seat dinerette, located inside the old Chego space at Far East Plaza, is something of a homecoming for the Pico Rivera native, who originally opened Amboy (Tagalog slang for an American-born Filipino) as a takeout window serving Filipino lunch plates in 2016. The best pop-ups take on 2020 and reshape the future of L.A. dining. “I’ve made so many burgers I figured I should lean into it,” he said. 56.8k Followers, 1,197 Following, 2,313 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ALVIN (@alvincailan) Instead, head over to the butcher counter and ask for a more specialized blend with strong flavor potential. What does it mean to be a neighborhood restaurant in the middle of a pandemic? Seasoning will help develop a really tasty crust, [which is] just another element of an amazing burger experience.”. Toast buns with roasted garlic butter ; Season and then sear burgers (3 minutes on each side) Top burger with one slice of provolone and let it melt. If you’d like to make Chef Alvin’s personal favorite aioli for your own burger purposes, here’s his preferred recipe: The Manual is simple — we show men how to live a life that is more engaged. This feels sort of like that.”, Amboy Quality Meats, 727 N. Broadway No. Bone Kettle, a small family-run restaurant, refuses to go down without a fight. The DH Burger, a name that Cailan credits to pal Seth Rogen, is of a more refined pedigree. Learn about Alvin Cailan and his age, height, birthday, wife, weight gain, instagram, children, parents, net worth and more. All rights reserved. “My idea burger blend would be rib-eye cap for the richness, brisket for the beefiness, and chuck for body. "Fluffy," learns how to cook must-try burger styles that every burger lover should know about—including a quintessential smashburger and hybrid quesadilla burger. Plus, Ditroit debuts in the Arts District and Nick’s Cafe closes for good. Welcome to our comprehensive gift guide for the 2020 holiday season. Burger photograph: Vicky Wasik] In part 2 of my extraordinary chat with chef-restaurateur-activist Alvin Cailan, we delved deeply into his socio-political motivations, but we still managed to fit in some laughs. Eggslut creator, Alvin Cailan is on a mission to figure out whats hot in burger culture today. In celebration of Drew's Movie Nite featuring Nickelodeon's Good Burger, Chef Alvin Cailan shows how to make the famous Good Burger! Find out on today's episode. Alvin Cailan has returned to L.A. — this time, it seems, for good. It's too much for a burger," says chef Alvin Cailan, host of First We Feast's The Burger Show (and owner of a dog named Mayo, so yeah, he's serious about this). Though he’s been selling a fair amount of rib-eyes, Cailan said he’s most keen introducing customers to “underrated” cuts not usually found in grocery store: Denver steaks, Brazilian-style cuts such as picanha and bife de tira, and a $9 round-ish cut from the strip loin he’s dubbed the Amboy Filet (essentially a baseball steak with the fat cap left intact). Government’s refusal to pass targeted stimulus for our small restaurants, like the Restaurants Act, threatens to kill what remains of a struggling industry. Despite all his culinary success, he says burgers are his passion. Alvin Cailan has returned to L.A. — this time, it seems, for good. There’s no middle.”. He makes the patties from a combination of ground rib-eye trim, short rib and brisket. What does it mean to be a neighborhood restaurant in a pandemic? Alvin also hosts The Burger Show - a viral series where he films some of his most famous burger creations together with celebrities. The hamburger is a staple of American comfort food and with Labor Day Weekend coming up, there is no better time to indulge in one or four. Alvin originally started EggSlut as a pop up. We don’t boss you around; we’re simply here to bring authenticity and understanding to all that enriches our lives as men on a daily basis. Alvin Cailan is on a quest to find the best burger in America.That’s no easy task. “Even with all that’s been going on, this has been one of the easiest projects I’ve put together.” he said. “Mayo beats ketchup! Binging With Babish's Andrew Rea and Alvin Cailan of First We Feast’s The Burger Show filmed themselves figuring out the best way to make the cartoon steam hams from The Simpsons into actual cheeseburgers. Drew's Movie Nite. COVID-19 spikes spill into dozens of L.A. County communities in the San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, the Westside and central L.A. “I don’t think there’s one answer, it’s about how you feel at the moment.”. A South Korean study raises concerns that six feet of social distance may not be far enough to keep people safe from the coronavirus. Prepare for adventures with our outdoors gift guide for the 2020 holiday season featuring shoes, hats, bags, and other resources. Mix 1/2 cup mayonnaise with 2 tsp of Worcestershire Sauce and 2 tablespoons of caramelized onion purée. “I use Beyond Meat a lot; with proper seasoning, it can [make] a delightful version of a burger.”. “The thicker versus thinner burger debate, it’s a town divided right now,” he said. It’s actually the name of my phone, so every time I use my Bluetooth or my iCloud that’s what it says. Now, the hype is heading Down Under, with founder Alvin Cailan coming to Sydney for a one-day burger festival. [The whole grilled onion] enhances the flavor of the extra beef patties. “The more steak we sell, the more it cuts down on the cost of the burger,” he said. Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan to Run Nostalgic New ‘Good Burger’ Pop-Up in LA Nickelodeon turned to a known name for this one by Farley Elliott Jul 1, 2019, 10:29am PDT He would later open the Usual, a comfort food restaurant in the Nolitan Hotel that lasted two years before closing in March. Even if you lack a backyard grill (or a backyard, for that matter … #nycliving), you can still cook a beautifully seared burger patty with the use of a kitchen staple: the cast-iron skillet. No matter where you go — a barbecue, a drive-thru, or even if you get takeout from an upscale bistro — you’re likely to find some iteration of a burger on the menu these days, featuring everything from generic yellow cheese to truffle mayo and more. The mayo enhances the melted cheese, while the acidity of the ketchup hides it,” Chef Alvin explains. Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, a.k.a. However, Chef Alvin cautions against this practice, explaining that seasoning too early will cause the “meat [to]  become dense like hockey pucks!”, A post shared by ALVIN (@alvincailan) on Jul 29, 2019 at 2:53pm PDT, Instead, he recommends “seasoning the burger right before the burger hits the pan. Eggslut's Alvin Cailan is teaming up with some of Sydney's best burger chefs for a one-off fest. The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. L.A. County at ‘catastrophic’ COVID-19 levels, with 13,815 new cases and more than 500,000 total. “But Manhattan rent is nuts. The Burger Show's Alvin Cailan knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a perfect hamburger. Once they start frying up egg burgers and jars of coddled eggs with potatoes (called slut) the crowd goes wild! Alvin Cailan is the founder of Eggslut; one of the most famous food concepts in America. Cailan’s first cookbook, “Amboy: Recipes from the Filipino-American Dream,” drops in August and he said he’s thinking about hosting a burger festival at Far East Plaza whenever that kind of thing is considered safe again. Judge limits L.A. County outdoor dining ban in searing rebuke, but state order remains. The following year, Cailan closed Amboy and relocated to New York City. An outpost in August opened in Chicago. Transfer to a jar and vise on burgers. You can experience his burger expertise on any of the 33 episodes of his wildly popular YouTube series, The Burger Show. Masks on, bottoms up: 10 places to pick up a drink in L.A. Recharge with coffee or wind down with a brew from these L.A. spots.

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