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front view of Farmweld Gestation Stall

Farmweld Gestation Stalls.value, performance, reliability

Priority one in the gestation barn is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for the sow. Maintaining sow health and keeping her eating influences reproductive performance today and in the future. Farmweld gestation stalls combine user-friendly design, top-grade materials and world-class workmanship to provide value, performance and reliability.

The low-back design provides workers access to the animal, making inseminating and checking sows easy and safe. Swing gates in both the front and rear of the crate make it easy to move sows in and out of the stall when the time comes. You can count on Farmweld’s gestation stalls to stand up to the rigors of housing sows year after year.

Farmweld Gestation Stalls feature solid-rod construction for durability and longevity. For added insurance, the bottom 7″ (178 mm) of the stall is stainless steel. Standard rods are 3/4″ (19 mm) top rods and 5/8″ (16 mm) inner rods. Upgrades are available for 7/8″ (22 mm) top rods and 3/4″ (19 mm) inner rods for an even heavier stall.

Select the size to best fit your needs. Stalls are available in 22″ (559 mm), 23″ (584 mm) or 24″ (610 mm) on center, and available in lengths of 7′ (2.13 m) or 7′ 6″ (2.28 m). Other lengths are available upon request.

Provide workers with safe and easy access to the sow. Low side panels at the rear of the stall offer workers easy maneuverability and room to work. Gestation stalls are available with or without a step-through back gate, giving artificial insemination technicians superior access to the sow without having to climb over high gates.

Swing gates at both the front and rear of the stall make it easy to move sows when needed. The non-removable pull-pins ensure that the pins won’t get in the way or lost.

To enhance stability each gestation stall has four galvanized bolt-on, angle-iron top straps per stall. To make installation quick and easy, there are stainless-steel, bolt-on bottom straps.

Low-rise feed trough is designed for durability and, at 3 ½” (89 mm), the height maximizes sow comfort. The back lip keeps feed in the trough, decreasing waste and feed costs. Made of 16-gauge #304 stainless steel to resist corrosion, the feed trough won’t leak and is easy to clean. Trough sizes available include: 10″ (254 mm), 12″ (305 mm), 16″ (407 mm). Customizable sizes and designs are also available, so no cutting is necessary on-site. Bolt-on galvanized feed tube includes stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion.

“Many of the new construction projects and renovations for my clients over the past few years has been the Farmweld Gestation Stall. The trough limits feed waste, the door latches are secure and quick for sow movement, and the stainless steel legs and strapping are virtually maintenance free.”  – Aaron Lower, DVM, Carthage Veterinary Service

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