white flooring panel
white flooring panel white flooring panels on Fiberbeam nursery gate line with white flooring

Farmweld Flooring System™ White.comfort, clean, flexible

Keeping your pigs comfortable and clean is the primary objective of all Farmweld pig flooring products. It starts with our nursery flooring systems, made of state-of-the-art polypropylene to ensure long-term durability. The material also provides for easy and thorough cleaning to help keep pigs healthy and growing.

The larger panel size makes the Farmweld Flooring System White the standard of excellence for pigs when used with the farrowing platforms and nursery flooring.

Superior quality material promotes animal  comfort and health. The Farmweld Flooring System White panels are molded from high quality, state-of-the-art polypropylene. This provides a warm, comfortable surface for baby or nursery pigs to eat and rest, promoting efficient growth.

The textured surface creates excellent traction to keep pigs safe as they move about. The white, non-porous plastic promotes rapid transfer of waste into the pit and is easy to clean, which enhances biosecurity efforts.

Flooring panels offer flexible sizing, easy installation and minimum waste. Flooring panels can be cut every 4″ (102 mm) in width, so fitting is easy and waste is kept to a minimum. Standard panel size is 24″ x 24″ (610 mm x 610 mm).

Fiberbeams™ feature a solid fiberglass design that provides stronger, more stable and durable flooring supports. The solid filled construction leaves no gaps for rodents to infest. Unique stabilizer corners provide a full inch of vertical beam support — twice the depth of other panels. This means the support beam won’t tip over; your floor is more stable and durable.

Fiberbeams come in a range of sizes. To best meet the specific needs of your buildings, Farmweld offers a range of different beam sizes, with standard sizes of 1/4″ x 3″ (6 mm x 76 mm) and 1/4″ x 5″ (6 mm x 127 mm). For added durability, fiberglass beam clips protect the fiberglass beam from wear and tear.

Our Nursery Flooring is designed as an integrated system to work with other Farmweld flooring products.


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