SLP: The Next Step in Sow Productivity Measures

Sow lifetime productivity more fully represents total farm impact. SLP – Winter 2019  Read More →

How to Manage Feed Efficiency for the Bottom Line

Focus on things you can control. Manage Feed Efficiency – Fall 2018  Read More →

Design a Maintenance Plan to Maximize Performance

Preventative maintenance drives the health of the pigs, buildings and equipment.   Maintenance – Summer 2018 Steve Bruns checklist Brumm Monthly Checklist Full Report of the ISU Swine-building Maintenance Study –   In 2017, Iowa... (more...)

Cost of Heat Stress Has a Long Reach

Cost of Heat Stress Has a Long Reach – Research shows negative effects of heat stress in gestation linger in growing pigs. Heat Stress – Spring 2018  Read More →

Water: You can’t afford to take it for granted

group of young piglets drinking water at pig breeding farm Water: You can’t afford to take it for granted – Winter 2017/2018  Read More →

Wean-to-Finish Articles

Farmweld equipped pig barn

Contract Production: Securing Funds and Final Steps – Fall 2017; Contract Production: Moving Forward with the Site – Summer 2017; Contract Production: Do Your Homework Upfront – Spring 2017; Will Your Feeders Fit Tomorrow’s Pigs?... (more...)

Farrowing Articles

Evaluating the Farrowing Room for Today, Tomorrow – Winter 2016/2017; Understand the Sow to Better Manage the Reproductive Cycle – Summer/Fall 2016; Gestation Feeding Sets the Stage for Piglet Quality, Sow Condition – Winter 2016/2017  Read More →

Nursery Articles

Spring-Summer 2010 Newsletter – 1 of 2 Spring-Summer 2010 Newsletter – 2 of 2  Read More →

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