When builders and dealers work with Farmweld to equip hog barns, they enlist a team of experienced, dedicated and energetic professionals committed to communication, collaboration and easy installation for builders. From the sales people who carefully help determine what’s needed to equip a facility, to the AutoCAD operators who design a project, to the welders who build equipment and the warehouse personnel who oversee shipping, customer satisfaction is Farmweld’s No. 1 priority.

“When they (Farmweld) say they’re going to have it done, it is there on time. Farmweld is willing to jump right in and fix problems. In this case, they would get the correct gate, cut it and have it out on the job right away,” Jack Kirk says. “If equipment hiccups were my only problem, I would think I’d died and gone to heaven,” Jack continues. More seriously, he adds: “I don’t ever lose sleep over what Farmweld’s going to do – I can depend on them.”

Farmweld provides on-time delivery on all projects and ships projects in a way that an installer can start putting together a room from the first truck load. Product layouts are drawn for each specific barn and gating sizes are dependent upon the drawing, thus no on-site welding is needed. Color-coded gating, pallet tags and barn drawings make installation as simple as matching colors.

“Farmweld delivers on time, equipment is packaged well and comes with drawings with a color-coded sticker system that streamlines installation.” – Mauricio Luna, Installer, ML Farms, Rockford, IL

Easy installation is not just seen in Farmweld’s finishing package, the farrowing package installs quicker as well with the Farmweld A-Crate 2-bolt assembly. Farmweld offers equipment packages for all phases that guarantee the building and equipment will work in harmony.

“Farmweld crates go together so easy – it is just a few pins to set,” Kenny Brinker explains. “When Farmweld told us they would have the crates and stalls here on a certain date, that’s exactly what they did,” he says. “There were no problems with loads being short or equipment getting mixed up between rooms. We were impressed with how it was all organized.”

The Farmweld team can work with current plans or help draw up original hog barn designs. We also have many decades of experience with remodeling existing hog barns, and our experts can revamp older layouts and determine what equipment upgrades are needed. Our Field Representatives can take barn measurements, and because we believe customer service should not end when products arrive at your barn, they will visit the site to ensure the installation process goes smoothly. We’re here to support builders and dealers as well as their customers.

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