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Going hog wild over products for swine industry

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TEUTOPOLIS, Ill. — Farmweld specializes in products for the swine industry.

“We offer a wide range of products for any producer in the industry,” said Aaron Niebrugge, Farmweld sales manager. “Whether it’s nursery, wean-to-finish, gestation or farrowing, we have products for the full line.”

The Illinois company was started in 1979 in a welding shop owned by Frank Brummer.

“Local farmers kept bringing him hog feeders to fix, so after so many, he decided to build a hog feeder that will last,” Niebrugge said.

“The Jumbo Feeder is the flagship product of the company — that’s the first feeder Frank started building,” he said. “The pigs work a slide to agitate the feed out.”

Farmweld offers several types of feeders that include both wet and dry options.

“We introduced the Shelf Feeder, which was our first wet feeder in 2012,” Niebrugge said. “It has a combination of water nipples at the bottom and dry feed that the piglets can mix together to feed themselves.”

The Paddle Feeder is a modified version of the Shelf Feeder. Pigs agitate a paddle to work the feed down into the pan, where it also has water nipples for wet feeding.

Farmweld feeders feature the R-Adjust System that gives producers an infinite amount of adjustments for the feed delivery.

“We designed the industry-leading R-Adjust four years ago,” Niebrugge said. “This was a big issue in the industry because there was no measurable adjustment that was highly accurate, and we addressed both of those issues with R-Adjust.”

It is easy for anyone working in the swine facility to adjust the feeder to the appropriate setting.

“We calibrate the feeders so each feeder is the same as the one next to it, and that makes it very accurate across the whole system,” Niebrugge said. “Pigs will eat differently at different stages and with different rations, so you can adjust accordingly.”

Creating A Classic

Farmweld focuses on many details of their products to add longevity.

“We’ve learned over time where the stress areas are, so we do things in our manufacturing to accommodate those stress areas,” Niebrugge said.

“We wrap the corners on the bottom to prevent the sides from splitting out, and we put heavy hems on the dividers to prevent them from breaking out — all the things that are hard to see with the eye are there.”

In farrowing facilities, a warming panel integrates with the farrowing platforms.

“It is a solid plastic panel that helps reduce the draft coming up underneath the pigs,” Niebrugge said. “It’s a lot easier to clean than a rubber mat, and it give the piglets a nice, warm place to lie down.”

“The biggest difference of our flooring is that it is made out of all virgin polypropylene, which makes it strong and pliable,” he said. “It does not have filler product that would make it brittle.”

The bright orange nursery flooring makes it easy for producers to see the piglets.

“When you are walking through the barn, you can pick out the piglets that might need a little extra attention,” Niebrugge said. “Also with the orange floor, when you are cleaning it, it is easy to see if you missed an area.”

For gestation areas, producers can select from Farmweld pen or stall systems.

“We offer breeding gates that are a taller, heavier gate,” Niebrugge said. “For the gestation pens, we have a stanchion, so the sows can walk into a shoulder stall to eat out of a trough.”

Outside The Box

Farmweld redesigned its farrowing crates several years ago to make them easier to install and to increase the safety inside the farrowing rooms.

“We took out the sharp edges to make them safer to work around,” Niebrugge said.

Several sizes and lengths of farrowing crates are available to meet the needs of both remodel barns and new construction.

“A lot of the new buildings are going to longer and wider farrowing crates to give the sow a little more room,” Niebrugge said. “For older facilities that don’t have the luxury of more space, we offer the traditional 5-by-7 crate, and we have a dropdown back design that allows access to the back of the sow.”

Farmweld will customize the gating system to match the requirements of a wean-to-finish building.

“We do a drawing for each gating job that shows what gate goes where and provide that drawing to the producer so he can approve the layout before we start making them,” Niebrugge said.

“We provide all the parts and pieces to put it together to the producer,” he said. “It includes a roadmap on how to install it in the barn without any cutting and nothing to modify.”

The company has a continuous improvement initiative that looks for ways to improve the manufacturing process, increase the longevity of the products or make them more user friendly.

“We started a We Care promotion about a year ago to show our customers that we listen to the suggestions they have and will implement change for the betterment of the industry,” Niebrugge said. “We want to work hand-in-hand with our customers to make our products better and make their operation better.”

Going hog wild over products for swine industry

The Farmweld warming panel integrates with the farrowing platform and provides a solid area to help reduce drafts for piglets. This is one of many products offered by Farmweld that specializes only in swine equipment. The company offers products for all aspects of the industry ranging from nursery to finishing facilities.

Going hog wild over products for swine industry

Farmweld R-Adjust

    • Provides infinite control over feed adjustments, better control over feed costs and easier management — all with no more clicks.
    • The innovative, easy-to-read numeric dial makes it easy to select and communicate the proper feeder settings to the production team.
  • Every feeder can be set at the same precise setting with no confusion.
Going hog wild over products for swine industry

Farmweld Jumbo Feeder

    • Feed spaces are 14 inches wide and 12 inches deep, providing 70 percent more headroom than traditional finishing feeders.
    • The low 4 3/4-inch front lip and wide feed spaces provide for good feed access and minimum waste.
  • Feeders are 36 inches tall, which provides greater hopper capacity without having to add extension boxes.
For more information about Farmweld products, call 800-328-7675 or go to

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