Whether you are planning to build a new hog barn or remodel an existing one, Farmweld is here to help with your swine barn plans.

When pork producers buy Farmweld equipment they enlist a team of experienced, dedicated and energetic professionals committed to helping them achieve their goals. From the sales people who carefully help determine what’s needed to equip a facility, to the AutoCAD operators who design a project, to the welders who build feeders and the warehouse personnel who oversee shipping, customer satisfaction is Farmweld’s No. 1 priority.

The Farmweld team can work with current swine barn plans or help draw up original hog barn designs. We also have many decades of experience with remodeling existing hog barns, and our experts can revamp older layouts and determine what equipment upgrades are needed. Over the years, we’ve helped producers change barn use between production phases such as switching farrowing barns over to finishing facilities or finishers to nurseries.

Rather than having to seek out multiple sources to fill equipment needs and then ensure that all of the pieces fit with each other, Farmweld offers equipment packages that guarantee the building and equipment will work in harmony. Each producer operates a little differently, with preferences dependent on what works for him or her, that’s why Farmweld works one on one with producers to provide the products that best fit their specific needs.

Farmweld prides itself on listening to producers and finding ways to partner with them to make raising hogs easier through innovation and superior customer service. Our Field Representatives can take barn measurements, and because we believe customer service should not end when products arrive at your barn, they will visit the site to ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

There are so many areas to address when building a hog barn, but Farmweld is here to help. For additional perspective on construction tips and much more, checkout the series of articles on contract production in Farmweld’s Progressive Pork. The stories detail the swine finishing barn construction steps, and provide basic information on permitting, site preparation, construction costs, financing and more.

Contract Production Stories

“I gave them dimensions and a drawing of where the beams, slats and poles were located, and they came up with the design,” Benedikt Baer explains.

“When Farmweld ships an order, it is all there – you aren’t missing any parts, there are so many bolts and nuts – everything corresponds perfectly,” Ross Kuper says.

More Customer Service Success Stories

Our equipment specialists are ready to answer any and all of your questions.