Success Stories


"R Adjust™ has the handle and the friction disk. Adjusting the feed gate is a simple matter of moving the handle. I've only adjusted the feeders two or three times per pig group-- once for pelleted feed and one or two times when we switched the pigs over to the ground feed."

‐Illinois Contract Grower on Shelf Feeders with R Adjust


"Another contract grower asked me where I have my feeders set; so he has no idea where to set his. Because each Farmweld feeder with R Adjust provides a consistent setting from feeder to feeder and they're so easy to adjust, I can tell him exactly where to set his feeders at a particular time."

‐Illinois Contract Grower on Shelf Feeders with R Adjust

Quality & Results

"Farmweld has always built a quality product. You feel good about the equipment before it ever arrives for the job."
-Midwest Contact Builder

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