Farmweld Shelf Pig Feeder

With the Farmweld Wet/Dry Shelf Pig Feeder, the feed drops from the hopper onto an elevated, open shelf. The pigs can eat directly from the shelf or they can brush feed into the pan and mix it with water. The feeder is ideal for alternative feeds or rations that contain irregular feed consistency, and research shows that pigs reach market weight 5% faster with wet/dry feeders.


  • Features the innovative R Adjust™ System
  • Feeder is 36" (915 mm) tall which means greater hopper capacity. The extra height also limits pigs from eating from the top and keeps them away from the drop tubes.
  • Feeder has a low 4 3/4" (121 mm) front lip and wide feed spaces to provide optimal feed access and minimum waste. The wide feed space allows pigs to eat straight at the feeder rather than at an angle that can block feed spaces.
  • The overall larger size promotes efficiency
  • The added headroom allows larger pigs to stand and eat more naturally, reducing feed waste and increasing consumption
  • Solid dividers contribute to safety as they are designed to keep small pigs from getting caught or injured underneath the dividers.

Product Description

  • 100%, #304 stainless steel with fully hemmed edges and reinforced corners
  • All components are built with heavy duty 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel to resist corrosion and damage by pigs.
  • Feeders are double sided
  • Feeder has a stainless steel water pipe that feeds Edstrom™ high quality nipples; one nipple per feed hole. There are no screens or springs in the design for less maintenance.
  • The design of the pan area helps to keep smaller pigs from getting caught behind the nipple or between feeding sides.
  • Four feeder lengths available to meet your needs:
Size Feed Spaces Per Side Pigs Per Side Height Double-sided Width
28" (712 mm) 2 20-26 36" (915mm) 22" (559mm)
42" (1067 mm) 3 30-39 36" (915mm) 22" (559mm)
56" (1423 mm) 4 40-52 36" (915mm) 22" (559mm)
70" (1779 mm) 5 50-65 36" (915mm) 22" (559mm)

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