R Adjust™ System

The revolutionary R Adjust™ System, available on Farmweld feeders, provides INFINITE control over feed adjustments, better control over feed costs, and easier management all with no more clicks. The R Adjust System's innovative assembly uses a combination of tension, friction, and leverage for concise, worry-free control over feed dispersion.


  • The adjustment moves smoothly and easily to fine-tune feeder settings for maximum feed efficiency.
  • R Adjust System's easy-to-read numeric dial allows for consistent settings from feeder to feeder. The numbers can be read from either side of the feeder.
  • No clicks or ratcheting.
  • Every feeder with the R Adjust System can be set at the same precise setting with no confusion.

Product Description

  • Farmweld offers the R Adjust System on their Shelf, Challenger™ Nursery, and Jumbo™ Feeder lines.
  • The adjustment works on leverage, friction, and tension which leads to maximum feed savings.
  • Not available on single sided feeders.

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