Farmweld Paddle Hog Feeder

Early weaned pigs in wean-to-finish barns get off to a fast start with the Farmweld Paddle Hog Feeder. The paddles allow the feed to flow evenly, which promotes uniform consumption and less waste with pigs from 10 lbs. to market weight.


  • Features the innovative R Adjust™ adjustment
  • The 36.5" (927 mm) height of the Farmweld Paddle Feeder allows for greater hopper capacity.
  • Newly designed, reinforced foot provides durability and a more stable feeder for bolting to the slats.
  • Solid dividers contribute to safety as they are designed to keep small pigs from getting caught or injured underneath the dividers.
  • Small pigs step in to work the agitator and large pigs can eat comfortably without having to tip their head or move in and out of the feeder.
  • The overall larger size promotes efficiency.

Product Description

  • Combination #430 and #304 grade stainless steel with fully hemmed edges and reinforced corners
  • Hopper is #430; Ends, dividers and trough is #304
  • All components are built with heavy duty gauge stainless steel to resist corrosion and damage by pigs.
  • Feeders are double sided
  • Feeder has a stainless steel water pipe that feeds Edstromâ„¢ high quality nipples; one nipple per feed hole. There are no screens or springs in the design for less maintenance.
  • Feed spaces are 14" (356 mm) wide x 9.25" (235 mm) deep
  • Four feeder lengths available to meet your needs:
Size Feed Spaces Per Side Pigs Per Side Height Double-sided Width
28" (712 mm) 2 18-22 36.5" (927mm) 21" (534mm)
42" (1067 mm) 3 27-33 36.5" (927mm) 21" (534mm)
56" (1423 mm) 4 36-44 36.5" (927mm) 21" (534mm)
70" (1779 mm) 5 45-55 36.5" (927mm) 21" (534mm)

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