Farrowing Accessories

Farmweld Farrowing Pigs Products promote comfort, health and safety for both the sow and litter, keeping workers safe and the farrowing house productive. The A-Crate™ was designed with rounded corners and the Pig Saver Flip Bars, which have no sharp edges and are welded on at the factory. A-Crate rump bars open forward or backward to assist during farrowing, even when the sow is lying up against the gate, and can be manipulated with one hand at the rear of the A-Crate.

Farmweld has a complete lineup of farrowing products to meet your operational requirements including: farrowing platforms, polypropylene flooring and warming panel, and numerous sow feeder options. This farrowing package establishes micro-environments within the farrowing crate and creep area to meet both the sow’s and piglets’ divergent thermal comfort zones. The Farmweld sow feeders provide ready access to fresh feed to ensure your lactating sows are productive and healthy, which also translates to robust piglets.

Farmweld offers numerous farrowing crate accessories to make it easier for you to manage sows and litters. These accessories include heat lamp holders, stainless steel creep dividers, sow card holders and stainless steel water pipes.


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