TEUTOPOLIS, Illinois, October 4, 2016 – Farmweld, Inc., is proud to present the A-Crate, an improved farrowing crate that better meets the needs of today’s sows and farrowing room workers.

“We designed the A-Crate with the sow, piglets, farrowing room employees and installers in mind,” said Aaron Niebrugge, sales manager for Farmweld. “With the A-Crate, we maximized the sow area—giving her more room than ever before to increase her comfort—and we enlarged the front-alley space. Meanwhile, installers benefit from the easier two-bolt installation.”

Sow comfort is critical to keeping today’s larger, leaner sows productive. Research shows that a comfortable sow eats better, milks better and stays in the herd longer, which not only benefits the sow, but her piglets and the producer as well. Providing a safe work space with easy access to the sow and litter helps ensure that farrowing room tasks are done in a timely manner. These were among the factors that Farmweld engineers considered when designing the company’s new A-Crate.

“The safety of farrowing room workers is enhanced by the A-Crate’s new rounded crate edges,” Niebrugge said. “The low-back side panels also make it easier for workers to access the sow and baby pigs.”

Here’s a look at some additional features that the Farmweld A-Crate has to offer:

  • Allows for multiple sow feeder options to best fit the needs of each producer
  • Pig Saver Flip Bars ensure the sow eases herself down slowly to protect baby pigs, yet the bars won’t restrict the sow as it stands back up.
  • Swinging Rump Guard gates open forward and backward giving workers excellent access to assist during farrowing, and makes it easy to clean up behind the sow.
  • Solid-rod construction provides superior durability

For additional information about the A-Crate or any of the many other Farmweld products, visit http://www.farmweld.com/ or call 1-800-EAT-PORK (328-7675).

About Farmweld

Farmweld is an innovation leader. The company is on the forefront of wean-to-finish technology and a leader in the design of products that reduce waste and promote pig comfort and labor savings. When swine producers buy Farmweld equipment, they enlist a team of energetic, competent people geared to help them achieve their goals. From the sales people who carefully help determine what’s needed to equip a facility, to the AutoCAD operators who design a project, the welders who build feeders and the warehouse personnel who oversee shipping, customer satisfaction is the priority.


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